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Gilbert's Resort Activities

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Jet Ski Rentals and Tours

Fast, Fun & Awesome

When it comes to fun on the water, there is nothing more exhilarating than zooming around on the beautiful intercoastal on a jet ski. It will feel like a motorcyle on water. Come try it for yourself. It's fast, fun and an awesome time!

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Kayak Rentals

Experience Nature

Want to experience nature while on the ocean? If you answered yes, then a kayak rental or tour is what you need. It's a much more relaxed experience and no better way to experience nature.

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Boat Rentals

Tours / Rentals

If you're looking to take your family out for an afternoon on the water or a day long trip, then a boat rental is your best choice. You can take in the scenery, relax and go fishing or find a nice diving spot to get in some fun in the waves.

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Paddle Board Rentals

Relax & Exercise

Relaxation and exercising go hand in hand when you're on a paddle board. You can paddle standing up or sitting down, the choice is yours. Either way, you're definitely going to have some fun, relax and tone up some muscles.

Call Kevin at 305-440-9954 for more info!

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