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September, Saturday


Retro Sky

Rock and 80's Rock

Magically falling to Earth on a remnant from Skylab, the musically talented members of RETRO-SKY managed to conceal their identities and live as common teenagers amongst the normal populations of Medley, Westcheste', La Pequena Habana and a place known as Coro Gaybo; all the whilst absorbing every drop of the musical eras know as the 80's & the 90's. After two decades of hibernation they now are poised to assault the human beings which they have fondly tolerated and endured to unleash the spirit of 80's & 90's rock radio with a vengeance unseen since the Reagan era's Star Wars Missile Defense System. South Floridians prepare to shake it like you did at Prom Night. And when you awaken ask yourself one simple compound question...."Who are these guys and where are my pants?"